Monday, May 16, 2022
We have been using this service for 2 years. We wanted our child to be confident in her school work. We also wanted her to be confident in her statewide test taking skills. We spend one hour a week for her to go over concepts she didn't quite understand in school. In the summer, we worked on  subjects that she was not strong in. We absolutely will continue to use this service into Junior High.
  Sura Davis
Sunday, December 20, 2020
We found Mrs. Fehr through the Nextdoor app, I was desperately searching for a tutor to help our struggling 2nd grader, the reviews about her were amazing, so we called right away, from that day our son's life changed completely, the improvement he has made since he start working with Her is unbelievable.  We are so blessed to have found such a dedicated, passionate, caring, enthusiastic, hard working teacher, we are forever grateful with her.  She also works with my oldest one as well and he couldn't be more happier to be learning with her, he is always looking forward for the next class. It is with a great pleasure that we recommend Mrs. Fehr to anyone who needs tutoring, she is AWESOME!
  L A
Thursday, October 29, 2020
About a month after my son started 9th grade last year he was struggling with algebra. I did a search online and felt blessed to find Ms. Kathy Fehr in our area. She was very willing to work around my son's basketball schedule, even on weekends. We conveniently met at the library prior to the pandemic, then, thereafter, Ms. Fehr tutored virtually. Ms. Fehr helped my son and his grades improved. She is open, understanding, patient, and truly cares about helping kids make the grade!  Thank you Ms. Fehr for all that you do!
  Ernest Sanchez
Wednesday, August 8, 2018
We were referred to Mrs.Fehr over a year ago for our struggeling 5th grader. Our son had always had trouble in Math and Reading. Unfortunately, our attempts at requesting assistance through the school distric went on deaf ears. Our son's grades jumped up at least 1 letter grade if not 2 with her help. Additionally, she was able to identify that our son had a learning disability, something we had noticed but kept getting brushed off by the teachers at the school. Her one on one tutoring and testimony of her findings after working with him closely was key to getting our son tested through the school district. With her recognition of his dysgraphia, she had already began teaching him methods that would help him be more successful and work through his learning difficulties. She has been blessing and we are so greatful for her! Mrs.Fehr is awesome and I truly reccomend her to anyone who needs tutoring. 
  Roxanne Woodroof
Friday, June 1, 2018
 Miss Fehr is wonderful.  My daughter has made so much progress since working with her.  I highly recommend her.
  Dinorah Zavala
Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Ms. Fehr is awesome!  Those are the words of my 7th grade daughter.  Every year at the end of the school year, my daughter asks me, “is Ms.Fehr tutoring me next school year”?  Ms. Fehr has been tutoring my daughter since the 2nd grade to present.  My daughter is shy, has learning difficulties and has ADHD.  She has tremendous difficulty with Math but Ms. Fehr always explains with detail and step-by-step to my daughter’s level. Ms. Fehr Has been such a blessing in helping my daughter to become a better reader, math skills and be more confident.  I highly recommend Mr. Fehr as a tutor.
  Regina Anderson
Monday, May 21, 2018
It was such a blessing that our family found Ms. Fehr. At the time my was oldest son was struggling in math and had not passed any Starr test.In a very short time of Kathy working with him he went from math being his worst subject to it being his best! He also passed his Starr test. Now that he is in high school my middle son has started meeting with her and we have also seen many improvements in his grades as well. I love the one-to-one attention since they both have ADHD and get distracted easily. I would highly recommend Ms. Fehr to anyone who is looking to improve their child's education.
  Stephanie Nace
Sunday, May 20, 2018
There aren't words to express how much my family and I appreciate Ms. Fehr. She has worked year round with our daughter for almost five years. Her concern and dedication to helping her students is endless. Ms. Fehr never stops trying new ways to engage and encourage my daughter. We are so blessed to have found such a highly regarded and invested tutor. She truly has a gift as an educator. Stephanie Nace

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